Lamont Museum

The Lamont Museum opened in the spring of 2003 in conjunction with Lamont’s Sesquicentennial celebration. The museum began largely with many items from the Merle and Myrtle Elliott family and the John and Marjorie Cook family. Both families have deep roots dating back to the early history of the Lamont area. For the first few years the museum occupied only the first floor of the building. As time went on several other people donated or loaned items and the collection has grown expanding the museum into second floor. The Lamont museum has something for everyone!

Each year during the Christmas season the Lamont Community Club uses the museum to host Christmas at the Museum a fundraiser for the Lamont Community Club featuring a silent auction of Christmas items donated by individuals, organizations, and businesses of the community.

The Lamont Museum is privately owned and operated. It has many volunteers who donated many hours and resources to helping the museum maintain its reputation as one of the best small town museums.